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Balkan Quiz

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The first person to send correct replies to the ten questions in this quiz will receive a free copy of Quixotic Ambitions. Email your answers to me at pamela.lake@wanadoo.fr and don't forget to include your postal address! Good luck!

1. Which four Balkan countries use the Cyrillic alphabet?

2. Which British comedian was a great favourite of the Albanian dictator, Enver Hoxha?

3. In which Balkan country is the Shipka Pass?

4. Where and what are the Iron Gates?

5. Which Balkan capital city was known as 'Little Paris' in the years before the Second World War?

6. Which Balkan country speaks a Latin language distantly related to Italian, Spanish and French?

7. What was the name of the real-life model for Count Dracula?

8. What is Mamaliga and in which Balkan country is it eaten?

9; Which English writer and artist made a journey to Albania in 1848?

10. Who was Skanderbeg?

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